Institute of Management
Affiliated to PTU, Jalandhar.

Dr. (Prof.) Suresh Seth

A warm welcome to all of you.

The illiterate in 21st Century will not  be those who cannot read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.", Alvin Toffler, a famous American Author. These words amplify the presently prevalent theory of learning and acquiring knowledge, which, indeed, is a life long process. "The education of the human being," in other words, "is a process which starts from the time when he is in the womb of his mother and remains in continuation, until he reaches his last destination of the tomb".   You all have come to this institute after going through minimum 12-15 years of education and learning.  Now is the time to acquire all the requisite skills and talents and sharpen them in tune with your professional requirements.  For the attainment of this objective, the process of learning, unlearning and relearning is a major facilitating factor,  which makes it all the more important to prepare yourself suitably for the highly demanding corporate sector.  This approach of learning, unlearning and relearning implies that you have to be very open and amenable to new ideas all the time during your stay in this institute.  We have a team of well- qualified, committed and sincere faculty members who will always guide you through this process all along your way in this exceptional abode of learning.

We do not promise you the stars of the sky, but one assurance I can affirmatively give you that if you provide us your best and participate whole-heartedly in the entire learning process, we shall not leave any stone unturned to make you a thorough and proficient professional . Kindly bear in mind that all through the duration of your course, you will have an energetic interface with the top-notch academicians and industry professionals, as we sincerely believe that no education is worthwhile unless it makes you employable and a good human being, proving an asset for your organization, family, society and the nation.  To substantiate, I would like to quote Late Stephen Covey, the author of the world's best selling book. The Seven habits of the Highly Effective People, "Sharpen the saw, that is undergo frequent self -renewal"

I sincerely believe that you will discover a new of yourself during your journey with us and shall pass out with a brilliant career and opulence.  To supplement the efforts of all your faculty members and staff, I shall also be available to you whenever you need me.

A very  warm welcome on joining the Rayat- Bahra family and once again wishing you all the best.


Rayat Institute of Management
(6 Kms. from Ropar on Chandigarh-Ropar-Jalandhar Highway) V.P.O.- Railmajra, Distt. SBS nagar , Punjab - 144533
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