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Media @ RIM

# Date Title
1 13-Sep-2018 Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus organised Path Sri Sukhmani Sahib
2 30-May-2018 RBU V-C awards farm diploma certificates
3 29-May-2018 Best Principal Award For RIS Principal
4 25-May-2018 Rayat-Bahra to start string of new courses
5 18-May-2018 RIS, Students Celebrated International Technology Day.
6 13-May-2018 Rayat College Ropar students excel in PU law exams..
7 30-Nov-2017 Over 350 Rayat Bahra students get placements at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus.
9 14-Nov-2017 Seminar on tech at Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
10 05-Nov-2017 Minerva Fest draws to a close on a colourfull note.
11 01-Nov-2017 Curtain raiser for Minerva-2017 On November 2&3 at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus.
12 28-Oct-2017 Rayat Bahra team bags bronze in cycling.
13 24-Oct-2017 Seminar organized at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus.
14 17-Oct-2017 Rayat International School Organized Two Day Gala Fiesta
15 26-Sep-2017 Rayat International School is organizing FETE.
16 21-Sep-2017 Rayat Bahra bag gold in TT tournament.
17 13-Sep-2017 Teachers Day Celebration by Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
18 01-Aug-2017 Induction programme at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus.
19 25-Jul-2017 Rayat International School Excel In Scouts & Guide Camp.
21 18-Jul-2017 Training programme at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus on Internet.
22 16-Jun-2017 Rayat Bahra University Inks pact with ICICI for MBA..
23 15-Jun-2017 147 Get Placements at Job Fair at Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
24 10-Mar-2017 Siemens Ltd. and Rayat-Bahra Campus, Ropar sign MoU for providing leading- edge Training Program.
25 07-Mar-2017 Rayat Mgmt Institute students get top placements..
26 03-Mar-2017 Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus students get placements.
27 01-Mar-2017 Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus Organized Blood Donation Camp.
28 27-Feb-2017 Rayat Bahra Inter-Campus Premier League-2017.
29 24-Feb-2017 Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus Cycles with Arvind Mishra for a Carbon Negative India.
30 14-Feb-2017 Seminar on Emerging Opportunities By Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus
31 11-Feb-2017 Inter-College Volleyball Tournament at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus
32 24-Dec-2016 Rayat-Bahra Ropar Honours Loyal Employees.
33 15-Dec-2016 Free Mega Medical Camp Organised By Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
34 13-Dec-2016 Inter-State Premier League-2016 at Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
35 08-Dec-2016 Rayat-Bahra, Ropar Campus Organized Dental and Medical Checkup Camp.
36 06-Dec-2016 Rayat International School, Celebrated Annual Cum Prize Distribution Function.
37 07-Nov-2016 Minerva Fest Draws to a Close on a Colourfull Note.
38 03-Nov-2016 Curtain Raiser for Minerva-2016 on November 4 and 5.
39 24-Oct-2016 Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus Organises Seminar on Current Trends in Career options
40 20-Oct-2016 Rayat Institute of Management Organized an Industrial Visit
41 13-Oct-2016 Microsoft Workshop At RIS
42 10-Oct-2016 Rayat Polytechnic College Celebrates Fresher Fiesta
43 16-Aug-2016 70th Independence Day Celebrated at Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
44 08-Aug-2016 Rayat Institute of Management Ropar Organised Student Orientation Programme.
45 06-Aug-2016 Students Of Rayat International School Ropar Campus Visited Canada on Study Tour.
46 28-Jul-2016 Zero Tolerance to Ragging at Rayat Bahra Group of Institutes.
47 27-Jul-2016 Environment Day Celebration at Rayat International School Ropar Campus.
48 25-Jul-2016 Rayat Bahra Students Win Laurels In PTU Exams.
49 02-Jul-2016 Rayat Institute of Management Organised a Five Days English Speaking and Personality Grooming Workshop
50 30-Jun-2016 Career Counseling Seminar Conducted by Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus
51 27-Jun-2016 Go-Kart Design Experts Zoom in Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus
52 14-Jun-2016 Mega Career Counseling Seminar by Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus
53 31-May-2016 Rayat International School Students Shine In CBSE 10th And 12th Examination
54 29-May-2016 Dr. Chand Kiran Awarded With Prestigious Madan Mohan Malviya Award
55 28-May-2016 National Education Workshop at Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus
56 21-May-2016 150 Polytechnic College Students Get Job Offers at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus.
57 13-Apr-2016 Grand Convocation at Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus
58 02-Apr-2016 IKG-PTU Annual Athletic Meet Concludes At Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus
59 31-Mar-2016 Annual Athletics Meet Of IKG- Punjab Technical University Kick Started At Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus
60 18-Mar-2016 All Terrain Vehicle by Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus Awarded in National Competition
61 17-Mar-2016 Panel Discussion On Budget 2016 Held At RIM
62 29-Feb-2016 Inter-State Graduation Scholarship Mega Final-2016 Held At Rayat - Bahra Ropar Campus
63 09-Feb-2016 Graduation Ceremony of K.G. Class Students of Rayat International School
64 07-Feb-2016 J.E.T Mock Test at Ropar Campus
65 06-Feb-2016 Rayat Institute of Management Ranked First in North India
66 26-Jan-2016 National Voters Day Celebration at Ropar Campus
68 16-Jan-2016 Lohri Celebration at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus.
69 07-Jan-2016 NSS Volunteers Donate eleven Thousands to AMBUJA Manovikas Kendra.
70 05-Jan-2016 7 Days NSS Camp Inaugurated at Ropar Campus.
71 01-Jan-2016 RBGI honored by Governor of Punjab & Haryana.
72 22-Dec-2015 Rayat Bahra Group honours 136 Employees.
73 01-Dec-2015 Annual Sports meet at Rayat International School Ropar.
74 25-Nov-2015 PMT Mock test organized at Ropar Campus.
75 22-Nov-2015 JEE Mock test organized at Ropar Campus.
76 17-Nov-2015 National seminar organized at Ropar Campus.
77 07-Nov-2015 Minerva -2015 Concludes at Ropar Campus.
78 03-Nov-2015 Curtain Raiser of Minerva -2015.
79 22-Oct-2015 Mahi Gill and SHAREEK stars enthall Rayat-Bahra Ropar students.
80 17-Oct-2015 Blood Donation Camp at Ropar Campus
81 16-Oct-2015 A Tribute to Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at Ropar Campus
82 16-Oct-2015 Blood Donation Camp organized on 16.10.2015
83 14-Oct-2015 Freshers Party fiesta-2015 Celebrate at Ropar Campus
84 02-Oct-2015 Gandhi Jayanty Celebrate at Ropar Campus
85 29-Sep-2015 Expert Talk on Logistics Management: On Time Delivery Named 'Vittaran' with Mumbai Dabbawalas
86 23-Sep-2015 RIM organized UDAAN 2016
87 18-Sep-2015 Udann-2016 Organized at Ropar Campus
88 17-Sep-2015 PTU Table Tennis Tournament at Ropar Campus
89 09-Sep-2015 Teachers Day Celebrate at Ropar Campus.
90 26-Aug-2015 Freshers Party Organised at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus
91 22-Aug-2015 RIM organized Freshers Party for management students
92 20-Aug-2015 Annual Function Organised at RIS
93 19-Aug-2015 Campus Director SC Bedi honored at Independence Day Celebration Ropar
94 13-Aug-2015 Orientation Programme Organised at Rayat Bahra Management college Ropar Campus
95 11-Aug-2015 Rayat Institute of Management organizes Student Orientation Program 2015.
96 06-Aug-2015 Tree Plantation Drive at Ropar Campus
97 03-Aug-2015 Faculty Development Programme at Ropar Campus
98 16-Jul-2015 IAS Selected Student Abhijeet Kaplish honoured by Rayat Bahra Group.
99 14-Jul-2015 Faculty Development Programme at Ropar Campus
100 13-Jun-2015 Concluded of 5-day Faculty Development Programme at Ropar Campus.
101 09-Jun-2015 Inauguration of 5-day Faculty Development Programme at Ropar Campus.
102 22-Apr-2015 Grand Campus Convocation at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus
103 18-Apr-2015 Curtain Raiser of Grand Campus Convocation at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus.
104 03-Apr-2015 Training Programme at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus
105 28-Mar-2015 Annual Athletics Meet at Ropar Campus
106 16-Mar-2015 Mega Final Inter State Scholorship Test at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus
107 16-Mar-2015 Media Coverage of Mega Inter State Graduation Scholarship Test 2015
108 14-Mar-2015 Rayat Institute Wins National Robotics Contest at Ropar Campus
109 03-Mar-2015 Mock JET Scholorship Test at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus
110 10-Feb-2015 Inter Polytechnic Youth Fest Final Day at Ropar Campus
111 07-Feb-2015 Inter Polytechnic Youth Fest at Ropar Campus
112 03-Feb-2015 Mega Scholorship Test at Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus
113 15-Jan-2015 Lohri Celebration at Ropar Campus
114 09-Jan-2015 Preparation for Competitive Exam start at Rayat Bahra
115 21-Dec-2014 JEE mock test at Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus
116 15-Nov-2014 Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus Students at Top position in PTU Exam.
117 11-Nov-2014 National Seminar Organised at Ropar Campus.
118 11-Nov-2014 National Seminar Organized at Ropar Campus.
119 03-Nov-2014 Minerva Final Day at Ropar Campus.
120 01-Nov-2014 Minerva 2014
121 09-Oct-2014 Joy of Giving News.
122 19-Sep-2014 Engineer's Day Celebrate at Ropar Campus.
123 12-Sep-2014 Science exhibition begins on Rayat Bahra Campus
124 30-Aug-2014 Fresher Party 2014 (Swagtam 2014) held at the Rayat Institute of Management
125 22-Aug-2014 Campus Director Prof. SC Bedi Honoured.
126 13-Aug-2014 Orientation Programme at Rayat Bahra.
127 09-Aug-2014 Fourth Anniversary of Royal Incredible Company.
128 07-Aug-2014 Orientation Programme at Rayat Bahra.
129 05-Aug-2014 Rayat Bahra Group holds a Roadshow.
130 05-Aug-2014 Road Show On Technical Education Organized By Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
131 01-Aug-2014 Short Term Course on "Open Source Technologies" Organized By Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
132 01-Aug-2014 RIEIT Embraces Open Source Technologies.
133 27-Jul-2014 Six Week In House Industrial Training Programme for Students Organized By Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
134 01-Jul-2014 Seminar on Renewable Energy and Conservation Organized By Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus
135 28-Jun-2014 Rayat-Bahra Students prayed for Iraq Crisis.
136 25-Jun-2014 Job Fair held on Rayat –Bahra Ropar Campus.
137 15-Jun-2014 Ropar Area of RBGI Students Which get Top Positions in PTU
138 13-Jun-2014 Faculty Development Programme Begins At Rayat Institutes.
139 09-Jun-2014 Rayat-Bahra Group to open 'Global Talent Academy'.
140 02-May-2014 Best Campus Director Award Giving Ceremony
141 21-Mar-2014 Work for cleaner planet: Dr. Kalam at Rayat- Bahra Ropar Campus.
142 13-Mar-2014 Scholarship Test for Graduates Conducted by Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
143 04-Feb-2014 Star cast of Punjabi Film Kirpan Performs for Rayat-Bahra Ropar Campus.
144 12-Sep-2013 Vivah 70 Kilometer Star Cast at Rayat- Bahra Ropar Campus.
145 01-Apr-2013 Rayat- Bahra Ropar Campus Organised Annual Convocation.

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